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Interesting words and languages

The first word spoken on the moon was "okay". (Or not - see comments). Seoul, the South Korean capital, just means "the ca...

Biggest Lies 5

3 Biggest Advertising Lies:
  • This product will taste as good as it looks.
  • You really need our product.
  • If you use our product you will look like the kinds of people you see in our ads.
3 Biggest Mail Order Lies:
  • Delivery of your product will occur within 30 days of ordering it.
  • If you're not satisfied with our product we guarantee a no questions asked refund.
  • We will repair your product free of charge.
3 Biggest Beer Ads Lies:
  • Drinking beer is for macho men only.
  • You'll meet lifelong friends drinking beer in a bar.
  • Women think drunken loud-mouths are sexy.