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Most annoying office behaviour in Britain

This was shared on the forum.

  1. Social Notworking – messing around on Facebook and Twitter to avoid doing work – 26% 
  2.  Déjà Brew – offering to make someone a cup of tea when you know for a fact they’ve just had one in the hope they will decline - 21% 
  3. Blue sky drinking – an unlimited free bar at a work party – 18% 
  4. Drainstorm – a poorly organised workshop, where everyone leaves feeling deflated – 15% 
  5. Human Desourcing – sacking people – 12% 
  6. Jambivalence – ignoring a printer blockage in the hope that someone else will fix it 12% 
  7. Google Naps – using Google to work out what time colleagues in the US will be sleeping, to avoid them replying to emails – 11% 
  8. W.T.F?! – the realisation that it is only Tuesday, and you have ‘Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?!’ still to go.
  9. Stock Home Syndrome – pinching stuff from the office - 7% 
  10. Shout-of-office – Someone who wants every single person in the building to know they are off on holiday – 6%

Source - The Independent