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The first word spoken on the moon was "okay". (Or not - see comments). Seoul, the South Korean capital, just means "the ca...

Welcome to the modern world

  • Our Phones are Wireless
  • Our Cooking is Fireless
  • Our Cars are Keyless
  • Our Food is Tasteless
  • Tyres are Tubeless
  • Couples are Childless
  • Our Children are Lawless
  • Dresses are Sleeveless
  • Youth is Aimless
  • Politicians are Shameless
  • Relationships are Meaningless
  • Printing is Inkless
  • Films Intermissionless
  • Attitude Careless
  • Babies are Fatherless
  • Feelings are Heartless
  • Noise is Ceaseless
  • And Education Valueless

It looks as if Everything is becoming LESS but still our hopes are Endless and you are Priceless.

In fact I am – Speechless, so let's carry on Regardless.