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G to P of Medical Definitions

G.I. Series -- A baseball game between teams of soldiers
Genes -- What you wear cutting grass
Hangnail -- A coat hook
Impotent -- Distinguished, well known
Labor pain -- Getting hurt at work
Medical staff -- A doctor's cane
Morbid -- A higher offer
Nitrates -- Cheaper than the day rate
Node -- Movement of head meaning yes
Organic -- An organ work repairman
Outpatient -- A person who has fainted
Pap Smear -- A lie about someone's father

Paralyze -- Two far fetched stories
Pelvis -- A cousin of Elvis
Pharmacist -- A person who makes living in agriculture
Phobopohobla -- Fear of phobias, or fear itself
Post-operative -- A letter carrier
Protein -- In favor of young people

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