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A to F of Medical Definitions

Anti-body -- Against everyone
Artery -- The study of fine paintings
Bacteria -- The back door of a cafeteria
Barium -- What you do after CPR fails
Benign -- What you are after you be eight and before you be ten
Cardiac arrest -- Taken into custody after stealing a coupe deville
Cardiology Advance -- study of poker playing
CAT Scan -- Searching for the kitty
Cauterize -- To make eye contact with a woman
Cesaerean section -- A district in Rome
Charlie Horse -- A 10 to 1 long shot in the Kentucky Derby
Colic -- A sheep dog
Coma -- A punctuation mark
Congenital -- Friendly
D&C -- Where Washington is
Dilate -- To live long
Enema -- Not a friend
Fester -- Quicker

Fibula -- A small white lie


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