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How to speak with a Scottish accent


  1. are you rrrrrrrrrusian, mate?

  2. ummmmm............i can't roll my (r)'s 'coz i cant even pronouce english (r)'s right. they sound like (w)'s. what are you up to? weally? stuff like that. second i need to be scottish by the 22nd august 2011 or im not getting the part of doctor who's amy pond in the local play!

  3. i have the problem with the r. even in england (my home since i was born) i cant pronounce their (r)'s i just get (W)'s this is what happens. Are you rich mate= are you wich mate?

  4. Hey Melsie, if it's good enough for Jonathon Ross, then I wouldn't worry about it.

    Or should I say:-

    Hey Melsie, if it's good enough for Jonathon Woss, then I wouldn't wowwy about it.


    Good luck with the part. :-)

  5. Sorry Melise, there's no need to post twice. The comments are moderated (an unfortunate necessity in these days of spammers and trolls).

    (If you are on Second Life there are free pronunciation classes run on the island of Virtlantis. Even though they are for learners, native speakers are always welcome.) :)


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