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Interesting Statistics

Average life expectancy ( in seconds ) of an enemy soldier in a Chuck Norris film: 4

Number of men who have written letters proposing marriage to Vanna White: 3506

Age most people stop believing in Santa Claus: 8

Age most people stop believing in politicians: 7

Number of chemical elements in the universe: 104

In a glass of New Jersey tap water: 98

Number of days into baseball season before Chicago Cubs are written off as pennant contenders: 5

Average powder base ( in inches ) on Aspen ski slope: 17

On Tammy Bakker: 1/4

Salary of the average Pro Wrestler: $47,500 /yr.

If Pro Wrestling didn't exist: $4.25/hr.

Number of things that annoy Andy Rooney: 2,000,000

Number of people annoyed by Andy Rooney: 23,000,000

Average miles per gallon you can expect if a car maker's ad says " 30 mpg, city": 23

Number of people who aren't doctors, but play them on TV: 57

Who aren't doctor's but play them in hospitals: 5,840

Number of people in the history of air travel who have been able to get a $99 Maxsaver fare to coast: 2

Restrictions for that fare: 237

Percentage of the public that understand the new tax code: 11%

Percentage of accountants who understand it: 9%

Percentage of IRS employees who understand it: 6%

Number of people who work for the government: about half

Number of Americans who believe any of the statistics on this page are accurate: 2,478,644

Who believe TV Evangelists are trustworthy: 2,478,644


  1. Great,great,great statistics! Every comedian ought to take your class. I run a foreclosure consulting site blog Http://homehelpnow.wordpress.com Can I get your permission to use some or all of your statistics(to lighten up things,some--on my site. Regardless, I really enjoyed what you wrote. I laughed so much it hurt.

  2. Of course you can. They appear all over the net.

  3. I enjoyed your list, too. (As an ex-English teacher, I enjoy keeping up with the latest facts...:) )

    May I also have your permission to use some of your statements for my blog as well?


  4. As I said above, I've gathered these or been sent them from all over. So, yes, please do. An acknowledgment / link would of course be appreciated. :-)


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