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Funny Mistakes in Cover Letters

If there's one place you shouldn't make a mistake, it's when you're applying for a job!

Luckily not everyone agrees with this, and so we have these little gems to enjoy:-

"I have a graduate degree in unclear physics."

"My hobbies include raising long-eared rabbis as pets."

"My last job was as a plumbing and hating specialists."

"I worked for 6 years as an uninformed security guard."

"The academic scholarship I earned came with a plague."

"Most of my experience to this point has been as a blue-color worker."

"As part of the city maintenance crew, I repaired bad roads and defective brides."

"My career goal is to shave my talents with a growing company."


  1. Nothing better than shaving your talents although it can sometimes lead to cuts.

  2. Yes, and I think most of us have worked as an uninformed something or other at some time or other.

  3. Ah, the mastery (or lack thereof) of the noble English language!

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