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Turn your Sat Nav to Romanian

James May and Oz Clark almost crash the Rolls Royce. Can you figure out why? A typical bit of British humour - puerile and childish, but it made me laugh my socks off.


  1. As a Romanian, all I can say is that the person whose voice they heard has a really shitty pronunciation :))

  2. LOL

    It makes me wonder if Romanians listening to English SatNavs could also have a bit of fun. :)

  3. Maybe for someone who doesn't speak English at all :) I'm sure we'd have more fun listening to it in Hungarian or smth :))

  4. I think you've hit the nail on the head. I don't speak any Romanian, and therefore I found it very, very funny.

  5. ROFL
    I know it's daft, but it is very funny!!


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