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Toilet Humour

Toilet humour is a type of off-colour humour usually dealing with bodily functions. Public reference to bodily functions is taboo in many cultures. This is pretty mild, but if you're sensitive - "Look away now!"


  1. A fart a day keeps the doctor away! haha! Bad taste!


    Long, long time ago, Hippocrates taught us that "Passing gas is necessary to well-being."

    And the Roman Emperor Claudius required that "all Roman citizens shall be allowed to pass gas whenever necessary." The anecdocte tells us that Claudius required that after one of his guest passed away because he restrained himself from farting!

    And in Amazonia, the Indian people are in favor of loud, noisy farts to keep away evil spirits!

    And if you restrain yourself during the day, well what happens when your body relaxes itself, say when you’re lying comfortably in your bed ready to sleep:- Taratatatatatatata...

    And,..., etc, etc. A lot to learn on farting.

    Thanks for the video. ROFL

  2. I couldn't possibly argue with Hippocrates.


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