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Have fun with music

Even if you can't sing, you can still do a bit of karaoke:-


  1. Have they got something about Monday?

  2. If they've covered the Boomtown Rats, maybe. :-)

  3. Would be great. Monday is often killing my enthusiasm.

  4. Hello there

    As someone who shows considerable concern for English students, which is obvious from the website you have put together I am sure you will be
    interested in linking to my learn English with music programme,

    There are three parts, the first is a free five page course on how to use music to the best advantage for learning English.


    The second part is a music library which has about 80 odd songs at the moment as well as biographies of the artists.


    The third part is a section where students can listen to music whilst they go about their daily tasks.


    Were I an English student I would have loved to have known that this programme was available, I am sure you will agree as it makes learning English such a beautiful experience.

    If you would like a link on my website to promote a particular section then please let me know which page I should put your link on, otherwise there is the 'link to us' section.

    Best wishes
    Karen Rose


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