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You know you're a grown up when...

Driving a car doesn’t always sound like fun.

Being bad is no longer cool.

You have friends who have kids.

Saturday mornings are for sleeping.

You are taller than the slide in the McDonald’s play ground.

Your parents’ jokes are suddenly funny.

Christmas starts to annoy you.

You would rather wear your dirty clothes again, ’cause mum is not there to do your washing any more.

Naps are good.

Hitting on young girls is pervy, not flirty.

When things go wrong, you can’t just yell, “Do-over!”

The only thing in your cereal box is... cereal.

You actually buy scarves, gloves, and sunscreen.

You leave concerts and football matches early to beat the crowd.

You actually want clothes for Christmas.

You don’t want a sports car because of the insurance premiums.

You look at the CTV screen in the supermarket and wonder who the bald guy standing at the counter is,  and then realize it is you.


  1. Anonymous3:03 pm

    I imagined the bald guy at the ctv vividly! It was hilarious!

  2. Something to look forward to Edwar? ;)


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