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Tough Interview Questions

Job review company Glassdoor have compiled a list of the toughest interview questions by country. Here are the toughest from the UK for 20...

Running sessions on-line - LOL

Not just conference calls, it also applies to ESL / EFL sessions online too. All of these things have happened to us at some time or other. Some can't be helped, but other problems just require a bit of discipline and a good moderator.

Thanks to +Aladdin Pasha for sharing. 

Language Learning - Be careful (some swearing)

Take care when you learn a new language. No really, be careful, especially if you take my advice to, "Mimic famous people, play with the different accents in films etc."


Most annoying office behaviour in Britain

This was shared on the forum.

  1. Social Notworking – messing around on Facebook and Twitter to avoid doing work – 26% 
  2.  Déjà Brew – offering to make someone a cup of tea when you know for a fact they’ve just had one in the hope they will decline - 21% 
  3. Blue sky drinking – an unlimited free bar at a work party – 18% 
  4. Drainstorm – a poorly organised workshop, where everyone leaves feeling deflated – 15% 
  5. Human Desourcing – sacking people – 12% 
  6. Jambivalence – ignoring a printer blockage in the hope that someone else will fix it 12% 
  7. Google Naps – using Google to work out what time colleagues in the US will be sleeping, to avoid them replying to emails – 11% 
  8. W.T.F?! – the realisation that it is only Tuesday, and you have ‘Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?!’ still to go.
  9. Stock Home Syndrome – pinching stuff from the office - 7% 
  10. Shout-of-office – Someone who wants every single person in the building to know they are off on holiday – 6%

Source - The Independent

The Common People - Parental Advisory - Some swearing

Too good not to share.

Ten funny things that happen to your body as you get old

Here are the ten funniest things that happen to your body as you get old











Especially for +Xeb eke+sciencera dz+Aladdin Pasha+Fernando Lestau and everyone else who attended any of the "getting old" sessions in Kitely.