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The burglar sketch

Man: Burglar!  Burglar!

Woman: Yes?

Man: Burglar, madam.

Woman: What do you want?

Man: I want to come in and steal a few things, madam.

Woman: Are you an encyclopedia salesman?

Man: No, madam, I'm a burglar.  I burgle people.

Woman: I think you're an encyclopedia salesman.

Man: Oh, I'm not.  Open the door - let me in, please.

Woman: If I let you in, you'll sell me encyclopedias.

Man: I won't madam.  I just want to come in - ransack the flat.  Honestly!

Woman: Promise? No encyclopedias?

Man: None at all.

Woman: All right, you'd better come in then.

Man: Mind you, I don't know whether you've ever really considered the advantages of owning a really fine set of modern encyclopedias.  You know, they can do you really wonders.

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