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Tough Interview Questions

Job review company Glassdoor have compiled a list of the toughest interview questions by country. Here are the toughest from the UK for 20...

No makeup

Barbie with freckles, bags over and under her eyes, frizzy hair, shiny skin and braces.  Nice one Eddi Aguirre. 


BBC's Character Invasion

I hope this works for +Edwar Cifuentes:-

Hello Mother (Muddah), Hello Father (Faddah)

"Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter from Camp)" is a Grammy Award-winning novelty song by Allan Sherman and Lou Busch, based on letters of complaint Allan received from his son Robert while Robert attended Camp Champlain in Westport, New York.

The song is a parody that complains about the fictional "Camp Granada" and is set to the tune of Amilcare Ponchielli's "Dance of the Hours".

Hello muddah, hello faddah,
Here I am at Camp Granada.
Camp is very entertaining,
And they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining!

I went hiking with Joe Spivey,
He developed poison ivy.
You remember Lennard Skinard?
He got ptomain poisoning last night after dinner!

All the counsellors hate the waiters,
And the lake has alligators!
And the head coach wants no sissies,
So he reads to us from something called 'Ulysses'.

No, I don't want this should scare ya,
But my bunkmate has malaria!
You remember Geoffrey Hardy,
They're about to organize a searching party!

Take me home, oh muddah, faddah!
Take me home, I hate Granada.
Don't leave me out in the forest,
Where I might get eaten by a bear!

Take me home, I promise I will not make noise,
Or mess the house with other boys.
Oh please don't make me stay;
I've been here one whole day!

Dearest faddah, darling muddah,
How's my precious little bruddah?
Let me come home if you miss me;
I would even let Aunt Bertha hug and kiss me!

Wait a minute; it stopped hailing.
Guys are swimming, guys are sailing.
Playing baseball, gee that's better.
Muddah, faddah, kindly disregard this letter!

Modern Relationships

A girl from Ghana fell in love online and wanted to get her father's blessing:-

Girl: Dad, I’m in love with a boy who lives far away from here. We live in Ghana, but he lives in the UK.  We met on a dating website, became friends on Facebook, had long chats on WhatsApp, he proposed to me on Skype, and now we’ve enjoyed a 2 month relationship through Viber.  I need your blessings and good wishes daddy.

Her father replied:-

Dad: Wow! Really?  Then get married on Twitter, spend your honeymoon on TripAdvisor, have fun on Tango. Buy your kids on Amazon, send them through Gmail. And if you get fed up with your husband…. sell him on  E-Bay!

(Anonymous: Revised from a message sent to me on Facebook.) 

For Equal Pay Day 2014

Mistranslated text, misspellings and bad grammar

All three of the above can be found in the murky world of the tattoo parlour.

A professional translation service recently launched a "Think Before You Ink" campaign to cut down the number of terrible tattoo travesties.

One man wanted to show the world how "awesome" but he ended up "awsome" instead.

A young lad was left with "Jenius" branded on his forehead.

A guy in Wales was branded a "Marshian" instead of "Martian".

And the danger of not being able to read what has been tattooed was very clear when one guy had Chinese characters tattooed on his back, they should have read "Live and Let Live", but actually translated to "Sweet and Sour Chicken"!

It's not just the men either.  One woman used an internet translation tool to declare her love for her boyfriend in Hebrew, but instead of "I love David" she got "Babylon is the world's leading dictionary and translation software" inked on her back.

Other tattoos included:  "Life go's on'", "No regerts", "It's get better", "go whereever the wind takes you", "What didn't killed me made me stronger", "Eightteen", "Streangth / Strenght", and "Prome queen".

My personal favourite is from one poor girl who wanted the name of her favourite flower the sweet pea, tattooed across her lower back was left with the words "Sweet Pee".

Five Facts About Reading

  1. Reading can make you a better conversationalist.
  2. Neighbours will never complain that your book is too loud.
  3. Knowledge by osmosis has not yet been perfected: You'd better read.
  4. Books have stopped bullets: Reading might save your life.
  5. Dinosaurs didn't read - look what happened to them.

Thanks to Marianne for sharing.

Dog names

A girl was visiting her boyfriend, who had got two new dogs.  She asked him what he was going to call them. 

He told her one was named Rolex and the other one Timex. 

Surprised she said, 'Whoever heard of someone calling their dogs Rolex and Timex?'

'Think about it,' answered her boyfriend, 'They're 'watch' dogs!'

Try this ...

  1. Go to Google search.
  2. Make sure Google instant predictions are on (use  Preferences page).
  3. Type in the name of your country + is.
  4. Take a snippet of the result and post it on the net.
Here's one I made earlier:-

The UK is made up of ...
The UK is as big as what US state?
The UK is better than America.
The UK is boring.