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Prank Call to Tech Support

A bit of English for the telephone, and a lesson in patience.

FYI - Prank calls are annoying...  Don't do it!

Let us PAYE

The above was a headline in the Sun on August 25, about a special service to be held for the taxman of all things.

They came up with this delightful little poem in the style of the Lord's prayer:-

Our evaders
Who art in havens
How low be thy shame.
Thy tax return come
It must be done
In the Bahamas, as it is in Devon.
Give us your pay, your daily bread
And forgive us our assessors
As we forgive those who
Self-assess against us
And lead us not into exemptions
But deliver us your eBills.
For mine is the income, the power
And the Tory (chancellor),
For ever and ever.

Things that aren't really Scottish

Things that aren't actually Scottish

Scotch Tape

Scotch Egg (According to luxury food shop Fortnum & Mason, they invented the Scotch egg in the 18th century, at their Piccaddily headquarters.)




Whisky (If you ask anyone from Ireland.  Try it, it's fun.)

Scotland - The word is derived from the Greek Scotos, the term applied to Gaels, and is first found in Latin texts from the 4th century; describing a tribe which sailed from Ireland to raid Roman Britain.