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Spoof of that Redrow Ad (Parental Advisory)

For everyone who was in the G+ session today, this is just one of many spoofs of the promotional advert from Redrow.

PS - feasible (not feesable - but that might be a pun.) 

What do babies and university students have in common?

This fits in nicely with our current theme in Kitely:-

  • They can sleep anywhere,
  • They suffer from random bouts of crying.
  • They will try to eat almost anything.
  • They enjoy throwing food around.
  • They enjoy watching cartoons.
  • They are easily distracted.
  • They are very messy.
  • Their brains are in a constant state of absorbing knowledge.
  • They have very irregular sleep patterns.
(Adapted from a post by Trillingconclusion - Tumblr)