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Brexit Blues

With the markets in turmoil, and currency bouncing around like a rubber biscuit, the Indy came up with an explanation of how Remain voters felt on Friday morning. I've edited it to be SFW and FF.

  1. SHOCK - Woah! No way! I'm like totally shocked!
  2.  DENIAL - It's not legally binding anyway, right?
  3.  ANGER - Pensioners! Uneducated idiots! Northern racists! Farage!!!
  4.  BARGAINING - Sees petition for second referendum on Facebook... signs it. (Should sign the one on the gov uk website.)
  5. DEPRESSION - I'm really stuck on this little island now.
  6. TESTING - Googles how to become an Irish citizen.
  7. ACCEPTANCE - Ah well, at least it's Friday, time to get on the lash.

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